Introducing Rich

I first discovered the wonder and joy of Tipi Life through the European Rainbow Gatherings in 1987. For some years I travelled throughout Europe with my first hand- sewn Tipi from the Arctic Circle to Spain, Poland to Ireland, making Tipis on an old Singer treadle machine. Arriving in NZ in 93 via Asia and the US, I began living in and making Tipis and other canvas structures. Bluey joined me in the late 90s and we formed Jaia Tipis over a cup of tea, which to this day remains our most formal partnership contract. We prototyped our Yurt designs in the early naughties, incorporating designs from traditional cultures, modern day manufacturers in Europe, and our own innovations and techniques. After all these years it is still a constant source of fulfillment to live and work with these beautiful, ancient and sacred designs. Each one that leaves the workshop does so with the satisfaction of knowing the joy that it will bring to the many who will share that energy, whether it be a home, healing space, studio, sleepout, tourist stay.

Introducing Bluey

Learning to make tipis some years ago, I discovered a wonderful new application for the skills I had learnt as an engineer. I had always enjoyed the thought processes involved in working as a precision engineer but the industrial environment was a constant challenge. I have always loved these structures and feel extremely fortunate to be able to make a living from working with them. Witnessing people's excitement when they take delivery of a new tipi or yurt is always so rewarding.