Jaia Tipis specialises in hand made traditional style tipis manufactured to the highest standard. We use the best quality canvas and materials that we can source and have worked continuously on perfecting our design.

The Tipis aerodynamics are such that correctly pitched it can withstand the fiercest of storms. The tipi smokeflaps are easily adjusted with changing wind directions, safely allowing a fire inside even in gusty winds and rain and creating a Venturi effect which draws the smoke up and out. In winter an inner liner is used in the tipi which prevents drafts and creates a cosy womb-like feeling. In summer a gentle breeze can pass under the outside cover of the tipi ~ the cover can also be rolled up at the sides allowing the panorama of nature into your living room.....


12oz Cover:

Our tipi covers are constructed with "full flat felled" seams which are double stitched throughout.  Reinforcing is added in critical areas and a sturdy triple stitched hem holds the pegging points around the base. The basic cover kit consists of the tipi cover, door and kitbag (ropes & pegs etc).


The poles we supply are Douglas Fir, they are straight, strong, light, and durable. The bark is removed and then the poles are sanded and oiled.
If you intend to harvest your own poles you will need: 3m tipi - 11 poles, 4m tipi - 11 poles, 5m tipi - 14 poles, 6m tipi - 17 poles, 7m tipi - 17 or 20 poles. Two of the poles will be slightly thinner for use as smoke flap poles. The pole length will need to be at least 1m longer than the diameter of the tipi ie. a 6m tipi will require poles 7m or longer.

Liner (optional):

The 10oz canvas liner is a second skin which hangs on the inside of the poles - it starts at the ground and reaches about 1.8m high. The liner provides extra insulation and prevents drafts down at ground level. A plastic skirt prevents damage due to moisture where the liner comes in contact with the earth. The canvas portion of the liner is fully proofed and treated.

Raincatcher (optional):

Without a raincatcher a few drips will enter the tipi during heavy rain. These will drip into the centre of the tipi where the fire is usually situated, or run down the inside of the poles to the ground. A raincatcher is an option which will prevent these few drips from entering the tipi and can be used when the entire floor area is utilised and no fire is present.


Any size can be tailored - feet, metres or handspans!  The sizes listed are guidelines only. The tipi size, ie. "6m" means the floor area is a near-circle with a diameter of 6m - so pace out what floor area you require! You will need at least 1m free space around your tipi.


Usually 'natural' (off white) or beige ~ darker colours tend to exclude light especially in the morning and evening or if pitched near trees.
Please note that the white canvas does not weather quite as well over time.  According to our supplier, it is not as heavily treated due to the discolouring nature of the treatment.  It also shows dirt more than other colours. 

Canvas used:

12 oz fully water proof poly-cotton canvas.  We use the best quality canvas available, which is subsequently the most costly.  Cotton based canvas has the ability to breathe, eliminating condensation whilst remaining waterproof in wet conditions. It has a natural feel and appearance.

Expected Life:

Varies drastically depending on climate, if pitched year round, under trees, in open spaces, with fire regularly inside etc. A rough guide would be 5-10 years in constant use, longer if well-loved, and 10-20 years in occasional use.
Click here to read our warranty statement.

DOWNLOAD Instructions on how to set up your Jaia Tipi.

Price List

   3m diameter  4m diameter  5m diameter  6m diameter 7m diameter
  Kids & Occasions,
Sleeps 3
Home for 1,
Kids & Occasions,
Sleeps 3
Home for 2
Family Camping,
Meeting place,
Sleeps 6
Home for 3,
Small Family
Gathering Space,
Sleeps 10
Home for 4/5,
Large Family,
Party Space!
Sleeps 16
12 oz Cover $1318.00 excl GST
$1515.70 incl GST
$1815.00 excl GST
$2087.25 incl GST
$2250.00 excl GST
$2587.50 incl GST
$2930.00 excl GST
$3369.50 incl GST
$3600.00 excl GST
$4140.00 incl GST
Inner Liner NA $470.00 excl GST
$540.50 incl GST
$585.00 excl GST
$672.75 incl GST
$690.00 excl GST
$793.50 incl GST 
$795.00 excl GST
$914.25 incl GST 
Raincatcher $160.00 excl GST
$184.00 incl GST 
$170.00 excl GST
$195.50 incl GST 
$185.00 excl GST
$212.75 incl GST 
$200.00 excl GST
$230.00 incl GST 
$215.00 excl GST
$247.25 incl GST 
Poles* $525.00 excl GST
$603.75 incl GST
(11 Poles)
$875.00 excl GST
$1006.25 incl GST
(11 Poles)
$1225.00 excl GST
$1408.75 incl GST
(14 Poles)
$1694.00 excl GST
$1948.10 incl GST
(17 Poles)
$2250.00 excl GST
$2587.50 incl GST
(20 Poles)

* Please note that we charge a 25% surcharge for pole orders which are not part of a full tipi, subject to availability.
   NOTE: Stock of poles is low so please enquire about availability.