Warranty statement

Expected lifespan

This varies considerably depending on a number of factors. Exposure to UV, exposure to extreme winds and other weather events, how often they are pitched, packed and transported, and how well they are maintained and cared for. UV is the biggest deteriorating factor, so a shady pitch especially over summer is preferable. Canvases generally have a minimum 7 year life, and significantly more if sheltered and looked after. Liners, insulation and frames should last indefinitely if looked after, oiled, kept dry etc.

Expected maintenance

As with any permanent outdoor structure, your yurt / tipi will pick up dirt and stains and will grow a certain amount of ecology depending on surrounding conditions. In full sun they will tend to stay clean but will bleach a bit, under beach or manuka trees they will gain black streaks, which may grow mildew etc. Our advice is that the best approach is to leave it alone and accept its adaptation to the environment, whilst keeping all the ties and fixtures tight, limiting any flaps or movement/rubbing, putting a zip wax on zippers etc. Any form of cleaning will cause wear and abrasion, and if products are used, the more aggressive the product, the more it will compromise the fabric. You can expect to get some deterioration/wear and tear of the highest wear points/ most exposed elements over time but our expectation is that all components should last for a minimum of 7 years. At some point you will be looking at purchasing a new cover.

Replacements, upgrades, repairs

Our yurts are built to very specific dimensions and angles. Each frame is built to exactly the same dimensions. This enables us to provide a great after market service for replacement, upgrades or repairs. Your original plans/layout are stored on file so we can match a new component with the original. As a ball park, a replacement cover is under a third the cost of a new yurt (which translates to $500-700 maintenance per year)

Guarantee statement

Materials and Workmanship are guaranteed for 3 years for full replacement or repair at our cost. In addition, our business ethic extends workmanship to around 5 years, if the product has been cared for appropriately, used sensibly, pitched properly, stored well, and no untoward products or abrasion applied. According to these conditions our canvas manufacturers will also stand by their product for 5 years. Minor isolated failures are to be expected however, and this extension is limited to repair and service at our discretion.