Greetings Tipi and Yurt Lovers

We have been making tipis (sometimes spelt tepee or teepee) and yurts (also known as gers) here in Golden Bay, New Zealand, for over 15 years and have had orders from all over the world. We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality products and use only the best materials available.  We also attempt to keep waste and environmental impact as low as we can.  See our eco info here.

Tipis and yurts are suited to a wide range of applications, some use them for meditation/healing spaces, extra accommodation for guests, full-time homes, backpacker/tourist accommodation, workshop/art studios, retreat spaces...

To all intents and purposes a Jaia Tipi is built using exactly the same tipi design as the Native American tribes used ~ although canvas has outmoded Buffalo hide! The feeling, the energy and the space of the tipi remains the same.

Similarly a Jaia Yurt follows the traditional design used throughout Asia (mostly known from Mongolia) and retains the aesthetic and practical qualities inherent in these time proven structures. Again we have substituted waterproof canvas for traditional felt to better suit New Zealand conditions.

Not surprisingly for cultures so at one with their environments the Indigenous peoples came up with perfectly simple designs which are also highly efficient, practical, and beautiful.

It is a constant joy to work with these amazing structures.  We find it extremely rewarding, especially in today's consumerist culture, to be crafting quality, long lasting products which genuinely enhance and enrich peoples lives. We have enjoyed great feedback from our customers over the years, and always love hearing of the diverse situations and experiences surrounding our products.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

The Jaia team


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